The Lost Frontier is a radio program that began airing on May 17, 1993 in Radio Fene, Local public radio station, and has been on the air continuously until June 3, 2001. Some of these programs are now available here also.
From the July 11, 2005 'The Lost Frontier' is broadcast on Internet radio station specializing in New Music 'In The Air'.

This dossier was originally written in 1993 and under his arm he toured some of the local stations in my city. Elaborates on the philosophy of the program you want to make and the steps that have been taken before and after the first day of issue

Radio Emisions

Lostfrontier #694 Lostfrontier #702
Lostfrontier #703 Lostfrontier #705

Lostfrontier #692 Xmas Sampler / Free Album Download

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